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American Breath Specialists are dental professionals dedicated to treating halitosis, also known as bad breath. Our ABS specialists are from a vast array of different geographical locations including the continental United States and Canada and even Australia. The word "specialists" on this web site does not refer to a recognized specialty in the dental or medical health care fields. There is no recognized specialty field in bad breath treatment.   All our listed health care providers are general dentists, periodontists, orthodontiists, or hygienists who have been trained in treating halitosis.

Locating an ABS Halitosis Treating Practitioner     

Locating a ABS Specialist is simple. Using our geographical  search you can easily navigate your way to a dentist in your area. Once you locate a dentist, you are provided with information needed to locate that dentist's: name, address, phone number. Some also have a professional biography. As an added feature, you can even send e-mail to the dentists who have them, directly requesting further information from them.

You are just a few short clicks from a cleaner and fresher smelling mouth!

ABS Disclaimer

The American Breath Specialists, (ABS),is a collection of dental professionals who are skilled in treating halitosis. The use of the word "specialist" does not imply that this is a recognized credentialed specialty of dentistry or medicine. The word "specialist" or "ABS specialist" is used as a general term only to refer to those dentists and physicians who have an interest and extra training to treat breath disorders but does not refer to an actual recognized specialty in the field of health care. Although the ABS web-site is an on-line referral system, ABS, Dr. Richard Downs, the webmasters, web hosts, and ICOLA, Inc. cannot be held responsible for the actions and/or treatment of any particular professional. ABS and ICOLA, Inc. also make no guarantees to the success of any product or any particular patient's treatment by an ABS specialist. All professionals listed on the ABS web-site have undergone the necessary training that is required to treat halitosis and are responsible for their patients. By contacting a specialist located on the ABS web-site, the user understands the above terms and conditions and accepts them.  You also accept the terms of the Legal Statement listed below.


Legal Statement

The information contained herein is intended for educational and demonstration purposes only. It is not intended and should not be construed as the delivery of medical care. Persons requiring diagnosis or treatment or with questions specific to a single individual are urged to contact their local health care provider for appropriate care.

American Breath Specialists maintains this Internet site as a service to the Internet community. The content (images and text) placed by Dr. Richard D. Downs at www.breath-care.com  is copyrighted. Unless otherwise authorized within this Internet site, you may download the content. The content may not be otherwise copied and may not be modified.

American Breath Specialists will use reasonable efforts to include accurate and up-to-date information, but makes no warranties or representations as to its accuracy or completeness. Neither American Breath Specialists, Richard D. Downs D.D.S., the health professionals listed on this site, nor the web developers for this web site shall be liable for damages of any kind arising out of your access or inability to access www.breath-care.com  or your reliance on the information on www.breath-care.com .

Clicking on certain links within www.breath-care.com  will take you into other Web sites for which American Breath Specialists will take no responsibility. American Breath Specialists collects information that can identify you only when it is voluntarily offered. American Breath Specialists uses this information in accordance with its privacy policy, which is described below.

Any non-personal information, communications or material you send to www.breath-care.com  or to Dr. Richard Downs, or to any health provider listed on this web site by Internet electronic mail are on a non-confidential basis. We are free to use and reproduce any such information freely, and for any purpose whatsoever. Specifically, we will be free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in such information for any purpose, including developing, manufacturing or marketing products. Any information you send to www.breath-care.com  must be truthful, and not violate the rights of others and be legal.

American Breath Specialists reserves the right to change this legal statement at any time.

Privacy Policy

American Breath Specialists takes care to respect the privacy of its on-line visitors. Information that can identify an on-line visitor is collected at www.breath-care.com  only when voluntarily offered by the visitor. Our Internet Web Site does collect non-personal information from on-line visitors in order to track the total number of visitors to the site in aggregate form and identify the type of Internet browser (e.g. Netscape, Internet Explorer) and operating system (e.g. Windows 95, Macintosh, etc.) used by the visitor. This information allows us to continuously improve our site. Information that can identify a visitor such as a name or address, is not collected in this process, nor does American Breath Specialists require disclosure of such information before allowing the user access to any portion of www.breath-care.com .  Any personal or medical information you send by email or through our "contact us" web page, is held confidential to the extent that we will not disclose it to any other person or entity.  We are not responsible for the privacy of email in general and have no ability to secure internet email conversations.  It is possible for people to spy on your email conversations for which we have no control.

Any changes in this privacy policy will be promptly disclosed in these pages.

A Special Note to Parents and Caregivers

American Breath Specialists cares about children and their families. Whenever children use their computers, parents should supervise their activities, especially use of the Internet, e-mail and other on-line services. Children visiting www.breath-care.com  should ask their parents permission before sending any personal information, such as their names, home addresses or e-mail addresses.



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